Order Fulfillment, Return and Cancellation


Orders are usually ready for fulfillment within one week of order payment date.  This can be longer and it can be shorter. We strive to be quicker, but would rather under-promise and over-deliver, rather than the contrary.  We do consider expedited orders when possible, so please let us know if you need your product by a specific date. 

Please bear in mind that there are many factors that can affect this timeline, and which may be out of our control.  For example, if specific leather is not in stock an additional delay may be incurred. Materials are sourced in batches and are subject to availability. For customizations and made to order requests, materials may need to be sourced before production can begin.  If the material for your order is unavailable on hand, we will notify you. Timelines tend to get longer during busy seasons. Busy seasons coincide with events, festivals, celebrations (e.g. Christmas, Carnival,etc) due to higher volumes of orders.

Fulfillment options vary by customer location and orders will be fulfilled based on the customer’s selection.  Customers can check the status of their order by login to the My Account page on our website.  Customers will receive a notification email once the order is being processed and another when it ready for fulfillment (i.e. Pick-up / Delivery)


Each product has a 30 day guarantee policy. If any defect occurs within the 30-day period, then the customer has the right to request a repair/replacement or refund. The guarantee policy does not cover:

  • refund for items with signs of wear , made-to-order (MTO) or customized products
  • damage which occurs as a result of the following:
    • Customer has used his shoes under extreme conditions, or inappropriate environmental use case
    • Discoloration of sole
    • Change in colour of state of the material or leather after incorrect staining, cleaning
    • Damaged done on purpose
    • Damage to aesthetic elements such as embellishments


If the customer needs to return a product the customer can contact us to discuss arrangements for return of the product(s) to us and confirm the next steps to remake, alter, repair or refund the product.


If customer has received a product that does not fit, the customer should contact us as soon as possible within 14 days of receiving the order. As long as they’re in an unworn condition, we’ll happily remake or alter them free of charge to a different size.

Please note our materials are sourced in batches and can be subject to availability. In the event that a remake for your order has been placed and processed, we will do our best to remake them to the same specifications as your original order. If this is not possible due to changes to our product, range, material availability and offering, we will notify you.

A customer can have only one exchange for a product which does not fit.

The specified size values will be taken as minimal and may be recalculated to match your shoe style to the highest standards of quality and convenience. Therefore, there is a possibility of a slight difference (increase) between your specified size and the actual size. The Client bears full responsibility for the submitted size.  In cases where the customer has submitted a sole guide/template and the finished product does not fit due to a difference in the template and the finished shoe sole, FETEish bears responsibility for the misfit.

In cases where the 14 days have passed, we still accept requests for alterations.


The product will be considered faulty if received damaged, or a manufacturing fault occurs within 30 days of purchase. Products damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty.

When possible, we’re happy to repair faulty items. Alternatively, we’d love to replace them with a pair made in the same design.

In any case it is not possible to replace the order with a different design than the original design.

If the product is not faulty the customer can exchange it only once – if the size ordered does not fit. If not faulty, customer cannot return the product for no other reason other than for wrong size.   After the customer has received an exchanged product in a different size the customer can no longer return it.

In cases where the 30 days have passed, we still consider requests for repair of damaged products.


Every effort is made to provide a product that matches as closely as possible to the pictured product.  The received product may differ slightly from the visualization of the product from the site. Slight differences like slight color variation are not considered a reason for the product to be considered faulty or wrong. Hand-painted and beaded products and accessories may differ in composition from the visualized product on the site.  This is because the objective with these types of products is to achieve a similar colour composition and style rather than an exact replica.  Products are considered wrong if there is a significant variation of the type of the chosen shoe, material, heel, color, accessories, size or other key features from the ordered shoe. In this case the product can be considered wrong and can be replaced/altered or refunded following the known procedure. The customer must very carefully describe the differences from the ordered product. 

In cases where the 30 days have passed, we still consider requests for replacement of wrong products.