Step 2 – Choose style

  • Pick a model / design your style

You can pick a style as-is from our Shop or social media pages or you can take advantage of our customization or made-to-order (MTO) services.  Most FETEish styles, past or present, are available for order as-is, or with customization.   If you have your own design or if a style from another source catches your eye, simply send a photo or drawing to us and we will arrange for a MTO based on it.

  • Pick colours, materials, components and finishing details

We offer a wide selection of leathers types and colours.  If you are looking to customize or put through a made-to- order request, many of them can be seen on our Catalogue page. However, if you are interested in a material seen on our social media pages, have a leather or fabric swatch, or even  a photo from another manufacturer,  share it with us, and we will source the desired material as best as possible.  Details can make a made-to-order style (MTO) truly special, allowing you to create something in a bespoke style without breaking the bank. Tell us your ideas, share photos if possible, and we will work with you to create an MTO with your personal touch.

  • Select  your Size / Provide Your Measurements

We use and accept standard US sizes.   Alternatively, customers may provide a sole trace and foot measurements to be used as a guide when making their order.