Our Services


Customization is available for most current FETEish styles.  This includes small changes to components including materials, strap and finding size or style.  Customizations may be done using our customizer tool on our website, or by contacting us directly.  Customization does not refer to variations such as colour or size. 

Made to Order (MTO)

Made to Order is the perfect option for those who wish to have a design built from the ground up, or who want a style that is not offered by FETEish.  MTO refers to any new style for which the customer provides the design, or when the customer personally selects the elements that make up the style, including the materials, color, shape, and sole choice. A style is made to order when it is not a customization of a current FETEish style or it differs substantially from a current FETEish style.  


An alteration applies when a product is still in decent wearable shape and needs to be fitted again because of misfit (e.g due to stretching or incorrect size) or for restoration due to normal wear and tear.  An alternation can be:

  • Adjustment – an amendment to improve fit
  • Rehab – an amendment to restore component(s) of the product due to normal wear and tear..

Alterations are only available for FETEish products.


A repair applies when a product requires restoration from structural damage that affects the normal function and wearability.  It excludes replacement or restoration of aesthetic elements such as finishing, decorative embellishments and/or changes in appearance attributable to normal wear and tear.

Whether you need a made to order, customization, alteration or a repair, we will not rest until it’s done. We offer no refunds on made-to-order or customizations. Repairs are only available for FETEish products.

We are 100% committed to assist you, whether you need a made to order, customization, alteration or a repair.